The Verve Awards.


The aim of The Verve Awards is to really shine a spotlight on some of the amazing people and initiatives that are happening in financial services, that are often rarely in the headlines – and really should be!

The categories.

Our mission at The Verve Group is to keep developing financial services, pushing it towards being an outstanding and inspirational profession, and we want to highlight those firms and individuals that are genuinely working towards the same goal. 

You can catch up on The Verve Awards 2021 here, and explore the 2022 categories below. Don’t forget to check out our Top Tips and FAQs before completing your submission!

The Thrive Award

Supporting the growth of firms in finance.
This award represents The Verve Group’s first key mission: to support financial services firms to grow and thrive as the industry develops.

Judges are looking for a business or individual that has supported the continued growth and evolution of financial services. This could be a business or individual who has shared their expertise and resources for the benefit of others in the same space, actively lobbying for positive change or any third party that has worked with businesses to help them thrive and flourish.

The Attraction Award

Attracting people to a career in finance.
This award represents The Verve Group’s second key mission: to shout about the joys of a career in finance and actively promote and attract more people into it to secure a new generation of talent.

Finance can often get a bad rep of being a ‘boring’ profession, so the judges of this award are looking to celebrate those who actively work towards changing this perception and who have helped drive change - whether this is through internal projects or external initiatives.

The Innovation Award

Bringing innovation into an ‘old’ industry.
To complement this year’s conference theme, ‘Evolution’, this award is for an individual or team who has found a new ‘thing’ or a new way of doing something that has innovated the profession or their own firm.

This could be a new product or service launch, some creative bit of technology that is making people’s lives easier, or a fresh take on a process - we’re open to all forms of innovation!

The Emerging Award

Recognising rising stars within financial services.
We're huge advocates in encouraging new talent into financial services - when we’re lucky to secure it, it’s important that we recognise their achievements in order to retain their contribution to the industry.

This award recognises an outstanding individual who judges believe is a rising star within financial services. They have a strong desire to succeed despite being in finance less than 5 years (as at 1st June 2022) and as well as inspiring others with their professional progression, are also regularly contributing to projects (small and large) outside their day job to add value and move the profession forward.

The Verve Award

A pioneer for changing the face of finance.
This special award will be given to the company or individual who has embodied the missions being driven forward by The Verve Group. Those that have regularly go above and beyond to change the face of finance, to break down stereotypes within the profession and encourage innovative, forward thinking ideas.

We will be monitoring activities across financial services to create our own shortlist – but if you feel there is someone that really deserves some recognition, feel free to pop their details below so we can give them a follow.

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Meet last year's winners...

“We aren’t usually very good at getting involved in awards as we tend not to like the clique nature of the company dishing them out to their mates, however this feels different. Winning by being nominated by peers/colleagues means so much more. At last, some ‘proper’ awards – brilliant!”

Phil Zeidler – Founder of Deadhappy